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Systems and Machine Engineering Components

  • System profiles for automation and materials handling technology.
  • Special profiles for general machine engineering.
  • Precision profiles for textile machinery.
  • Support arm and stand profiles for medical technology.
  • Handling technology and crane systems components.

Automotive Components

  • Engine, Components.
  • Electrical Components.
  • Air Conditioning System Components.
  • Hose Lines for Air Conditioning Units ,Hose Shells,Complex Connectors
  • Oil Cooling Lines,Flanges, Couplers,Expansion Valve

Construction Components

  • Profiles for Control Cabinet Housings.
  • Small Elements of Power Systems.
  • Air-Conditioning  Parts and Connectors.

Electrical Industry Components

  • Housings for Electric Motors.
  • Electronic Housings.
  • Profiles for Workplace System.
  • Small Heat Sinks and Heat Exchangers.

Utility HVAC Components

  • Air-Conditioner Hose Assembly.
  • Air-Conditioner Tube,Muffler.
  • A Complete Accumulator or Receiver Drier
  • Condenser,Evaporator,Accumulator or Receiver Drier
  • Oil Cooling Lines


  • All this applications dimensions not exceed from length(X) 20mm to 100mm.
  • Breath(Y) 20mm to 100mm.
  • Height (Z) 20mm to 100mm.
  • Area ‪0.125 Cubic Inches to 30 Cubic Inches.


: Our access exceed twice  of all dimension given above .

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